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Factory For Rent A1 & A2

Prime location, modern design, best quality, best service



Land Area:

Building Area:

Clear Height:


Floor Level:

A1: 1.608 rai, A2: 1.408 rai (if rent A1,A2 together 3.016 rai)

Gross – 1,180 square metres each (if rent together 2,360 sqm.)
Factory area – 996 square metres each (if rent together 1,992 sqm.)
Office area - 184 square metres each (if rent together 368 sqm.)
Rough Dimension – 20m.x58m. (if together 40m. X58m.)
18-wheel truck loading bay – 96 square metres (together 192 sqm.)

8 metres

RC Structure with steel column and roof frame
Metal sheet roof with2” glass wool insulation
Steel Trowelled floor finish

+35 centimetres raise floor from ground level

+80 centimetres raise up from fronting road level

3 Tons

Floor Loading Capacity:

On-Site Parking:

8 – 9 parking spaces plus motorcycle parkings and two 18-wheeltruck loading bays (together 16-18 parking and four 18-wheel bays)


Electricity Load:


Thailert SME Factory ( (5)
Thailert SME Factory (47)
Thailert SME Factory (40)
Thailert SME Factory (41)
Thailert SME Factory (43)
Thailert SME Factory (39)
Thailert SME Factory (26)
Thailert SME Factory (23)

Common Facilities

Project Common Parking:

20 parking spaces (monthly rent)

Utilities and Facilities:

Electricity, water supply, waste water treatment provided by Bangplee Industrial Estate

More Description


Factory Floor:

Office Floor:



Reinforced concrete slab on piles 20 cm. thick, LL. 3 tons/sq.m.

Reinforcement concrete slap, LL. 400 kg./sq.m.

Ground floor 2.60 m., and mezzanine floor 2.60 m.

10 cm. concrete block with mortar, plaster, acrylic paint

Other Land Improvement


Perimater Fence


Guard House

Water Storage:

Drainage System:

Sewer Drainage

Flag Pole:

Reinforcement concrete slab on compacted ground

Concrete block fence, wiremesh net fence

Rectangular tube on steel frame, 8 m. wide sliding main gate

1.1 m. x 1.1 m. Height 2.5m

2 cubic meter

Storm Drainage - underground reinforcement concrete pipe

(A1,A2 dia.30 cm. B1,B2,C1,C2 dia.40 cm.)

PVC pipe 4inch drainage channel

Underground PVC pipe 4inch (septic tank 4 cubic meter)

Two 8m. tall and One 9m. tall

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